How To Sell My Houston House Quickly And For Cash

In life we’re faced with unexpected circumstances and your home is usually the source of the financial headache. Whether you’re dealing with a mortgage that is late, credit card debt, or foreclosure we have options that can and will fix your life problems.

How To Sell My Houston House Quickly And For Cash

A Couple Options

List it on eBay

Selling through eBay is always is a feasible way to sell your property. After all it is the largest market of buyers and sellers in the entire world.

Sell it on Craig’s List

This option is pretty straightforward but you need to be cautious with who you work with. Lot’s of scammers on Craig’s List.

Seller financing

One way you always have and which is one of my favorite ways is to just sell the property with seller financing. This will allow you to even increase the price of the property above market value because you are offering such a deal.

Sell it without a real estate agent

Property owners like yourself are looking to eke out as much profit as possible from the sale of their home. Despite the potential drawbacks of selling your home on your own, the amount of money that you will save makes it worth it.

Independent studies have shown that FSBO sellers ended up with more money in their pockets because they didn’t have to pay the real estate commissions.

Reasons Why Homeowners Need To Sell

1 – Vacant, in need of repair or unsightly? We buy houses in any condition.
2 – Need to sell quickly because you’re dealing with job loss or relocation issues? We can provide an offer within 24 hours and be at the closing table within 10 days if necessary. If you need a flexible close date then we can provide that as well.
3 – Have you missed a few payments and facing foreclosure? No problem! We’ll pay off the mortgage for you and try our best to put money in your pocket.
4 – Are you dealing with bankruptcy, liens, or debt problems? We offer alternative real estate solutions that will solve your financial problems.

5 – Do you have no or low equity? We have solutions that can solve this exact issue.
6 – Need to settle an estate sale and sell the inherited property quickly? We’re very comfortable dealing with multiple heirs and settling estates.
7 – Are you dealing with landlord headaches, bad tenants, or eviction troubles? We can solve all of these problems. Learn more by calling us.
8 – Don’t want to move, but in a financial bind? We have a lease back solution that solves this exact problem. Plus, we can setup an equity sharing program so that when the home does sell you’ll put money in your pocket.

Are You Looking For An Easy Way To Sell Your Property?

If you want immediate relief and a process that is simple and hassle-free, selling your house for cash is your solution! In most cases, you can have cash in your hands within ten days of deciding you need to sell. Call and we’ll have an offer in your hands within 24 hours.