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Top Cash Offer® will make you a no-obligation cash offer to buy your Friendswood home quickly and hassle-free. Our services, unlike realtors that only list your property on MLS, is to find a customized solution that is specifically designed for your situation and circumstances so that you are able to sell your Friendswood house fast and at a great price. At Top Cash Offer Friendswood, we strive to create lasting relationships based on trust, market expertise, and hard work. Request a quote today using the form below or give us a call!

Fast and Quick Process

You’re looking to sell your home, right? It’s time for a change of scenery, or perhaps you need more space for a growing family. Whatever the reason, you don’t have time to waste. Listing your property on the current housing market is one option, sure. However, you’re likely to sit there for a few months, waiting for any hits. Then, once it comes time to sell, your realtor is going to ask for their cut of the profits, including fees. It’s a complete mess. Why not make things easier?

At Top Cash Offer, we’ve designed a streamlined, four-step process to make life easier:

  •         Contact us with your basic property and contact information.
  •         We’ll schedule a property evaluation.
  •         You’ll receive a no-obligation CASH offer.
  •         If you accept, we’ll buy your home quick and hassle-free!

That is truly all it takes to sell your house for quick cash!

Top Cash Offer in Any Condition for Fair Price

Over the years, it’s pretty common for any type of household to acquire a bit of damage. It’s only natural that excessive weather, such as rainstorms, hail, tropical storms, and even the occasional flood, sweep along through the neighborhood. Damage is going to happen. You cannot outright prevent that. You can, however, still sell your property for real money. Even if your home requires repairs and renovations, we’ll make you a cash offer. If you just call our office, we can schedule an assessment, then make you a reasonable cash offer within 24 hours. If you accept, we’ll buy your home. That’s it! You don’t need to pay for repairs or renovations.

However, if you wish to make repairs or renovations to the property, we’re not going to stop you. We’ll factor in the overall condition of the household in our cash offer. Just know that our real estate investment agents are hoping to provide you with as much money as possible for your property!

Sell Your Fire and Water Damaged Houses

We would never wish fire or water damage upon anyone. It happens, though. A single severe storm, or a fire that starts in the kitchen, is usually enough to cause extensive damage. The restoration process is often costly. In fact, many homeowners cannot afford to pay for repairs, restoration, or renovations. It’s simply too much. You may feel compelled to sell the property and begin anew. Well, we can help you on this new adventure. We’ll purchase your fire- or water-damaged house, for a reasonable amount. You pocket the money and can move on with your life!

Why do we purchase damaged properties? First and foremost, we enjoy helping the community. Our long-standing goal here has always been to help homeowners like yourself achieve their dreams. If we can make your financial goals easier to achieve, then you can bet we will!

Sell Your House Fast for Cash in Friendswood, TX

If you wish to sell your house fast for cash in Friendswood, TX, you need to call Top Cash Offer. We are not your local real estate agent or banking organization. We are real estate investors who work with homeowners like yourself each and every day. We help the average homeowner sell their property for more money within as little as one week. It all depends on your schedule. We can close when you’re ready.

We have stood in your shoes; wanting to sell a home and move on to bigger and better things. It is tough. Today, we’re here to help you sell your property for more money and in less time. With just one phone call, you can kick start the process and enjoy a quick sale on your home in Friendswood, TX. We’ll offer you a reasonable cash offer within just 24 hours!

Home Selling Process in Friendswood, TX

As homeowners ourselves, we have found that the home selling process in Friendswood, TX, leaves something to be desired. Do you want speed, efficiency, and certainly more money for your property, right? Every homeowner wishes for the same. Top Cash Offer can deliver, though. We have developed a four-step home selling process that is guaranteed to move your house quickly and for real money. Here it is:

  • Step 1 – Give us your essential contact and property information to contact you.
  • Step 2 – Our team will schedule a convenient time to meet and discuss new opportunities.
  • Step 3 – Once we evaluate your property, we’ll send you a no-obligation offer.
  • Step 4 – If you accept the offer, we’ll buy your house quick and for cash.

That is all! Just four simple steps could put you on the path to success. Give us a call today to see just how easy the whole process is for homeowners like yourself!

Quick Checklist To Sell Your Home

It was not long ago that selling a home could be a long affair. You would find yourself making constant repairs, updating the electrical and plumbing, and repainting the exterior to ensure everything looked new for potential buyers. It was a challenge and a half. That’s not to mention the money spent. Today, we have a quick checklist that will make selling your home more accessible. Here we go:

  • Repairs – We do not require you to complete any repairs or restoration to your home. You can if you wish, though. Anything you do may add value to the property.
  • Clutter – We all live in a bit of clutter. If you remove some of the clutter, your house may appear more attractive and cleaner. Also, eliminating clutter can make your upcoming move easier.
  • Call – Pick up the phone and call Top Cash Offer today. We will offer you a reasonable amount for your home within 24 hours!

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So, who are we?

We buy houses all over Friendswood and are specially licensed and trained experts in real estate. Our services, unlike realtors that only list your property on MLS, is to find a customized solution that is specifically designed for your situation and circumstances so that you are able to sell quicker at a great price. We buy, repair and rent homes in Friendswood, providing you with a no-obligation cash offer to purchase your home. If your home doesn’t need repairs and you don’t mind working with first time home buyers then your best bet is to list it. We can refer you to a great real estate agent if you don’t know one.

That’s why we’re accredited by the Houston Better Business Bureau.

Cash Home Buyers

We Help Property Owners

Avoid headaches with first time home buyers

Avoid out of pocket expenses with major repairs; sell it as is

Avoid disturbing your tenants, we buy with tenants in place

Avoid paying commissions or closings costs, save thousands

Avoid paying commissions or closings costs, save thousands

Avoid paying commissions or closings costs, save thousands

Avoid property evictions; we can handle that for you

Avoid vacancies and vandalism

Contact Chris & Brent! No fees. No Obligations. No Repairs. No Agents. No Hassles.

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